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Frisk’s pov

I rubbed my eyes, trying to hold back the tears. Having to relive those horrible days. Not just once, but many times thanks to the fucking reset power I had no control over unless I died. Sans knew this and he was shocked when I told him, but he seemed relieved too not sure why.  I leaned more into Sans’s shoulder, though he was a skeleton he had such a warm to him, must be the magic he has, since Papyrus had the same feeling though Sans was much stronger.
“Take your time Kido” He said hugging me

“It was about a year ago…. Halloween night. My brother and I had gotten back from trick or treating. He was 15 at the time, we were really close he was a great brother, just like you are to Papyrus.”

I saw him blush a light blue. I took a breath and started where I had stopped.
“Anyway, he and I were going through our candy making sure it was safe, since our parents were watching a movie or something and didn’t want to be bothered. They weren’t horrible parents… but they were far from Tori and Assgore’s level of parenting. They worked a lot and usually were never home, my brother taught himself how to cook, clean and everything else that most parents were supposed to do for their kids. They weren’t there for the holidays or birthdays it was always David and me.  Life wasn’t perfect for us school was hell since we didn’t have the newest, best clothes or the hottest new phone. We were teased for being what the kids thought as poor, though we could have all those things we had money, it just our parents would rather spend on themselves then us. Taking trips around the world, they never wanted kids.”

I paused to breath slowly.

“Sans before you say of course they wanted kids, they didn’t I overheard them saying how they wished they could dump us on the highway and leave. My father wasn’t a kind man if we ever try to defend ourselves or disagree with him in any shape or form he would get his belt and whip us. One of the reasons I don’t talk…”

I looked over to Sans to see how he was taking so far, his eye had a hint of blue, but he still seemed calm to say the least.

“My brother usually would take the beatings for me though I would beg him not to. We were all we had since we had no other family members to speak of. We were threatened by our father if we told anyone what he did he killed us. Mom was always yelling at us to be quiet and make money. I don’t think she ever had a kind word to say to us. “

I felt Sans hug me tight. I gave a weak smile.

“David told me when he was turn 18, we would leave that hell hole, but that never happened, we were pushed even deeper into hell that Halloween night. There was a knock at the door my mother got it shockingly probably to yell at the treat or trickier to leave before she called the cops or something. We didn’t hear trick or treat just my mother screaming bloody murder and  her falling to the floor. My father ran to aid her, while my brother and I tried to hide key word tried. My father was fighting with the attacker when I heard his neck break and his body hit the floor with a thud.  As my brother and I tried to get out the back door the attacker graphed us both, knocking us out….”

I was breathing heavily.

“When we came to, we saw a man raping our mother, the he took a knife cut her open like a pig. After that, he started torturing David and me… He then raped me Sans.”

I swallowed I knew by now his eye was glowing I just hugged him tight, I could feel his body shaking trying to control his magic. He seemed to relax a little while I was hugging him.

“We were tortured for months Sans, locked in his sadistic dungeon, one day he forgets to tie us up. So we made a break for it… He caught us and we ran….”

I was crying by this point. Sans started to rub my back. I was trying to calm myself to finish.

“He started shooting at us, we got to the base of Mt. Ebbot when my brother pushed me away and he shot my brother, I went to aid him, he got up I don’t know how and he ran up the mountain with me. That’s when we can to the hole… We had nowhere to go.”

“Frisk, forgive me for this” David said

“I was about to question him when he pushed me and the last thing I saw was my brother being shot in the head. Then I woke up in the Underground found out how you guys were trapped and I didn’t think it was right. So, I wanted to make the pain stop. The times I murder everyone was out of hate for the world and wanting to cause others pain the same thing that I went through Chara took that hate a took over with ease. I realized that killing others wouldn’t bring my brother back. He wouldn’t want me to turn into that demon. So I wanted to do the right thing took a few tries, but I finally was able to sent you all free.”

I put my hair behind my ear. Then rubbed my arm where it was littered with scars. My voice hurt it was the longest I talked in over a year.

“Sometimes, when I remember the horrible things I did I cut myself as punishment… I know it's not right it just ….. I deserve it and I didn’t save my brother I let him die I killed everyone and hurt you Sans.”


I looked at Sans and I saw him crying with that every lasting smile on his face though it didn’t look like the happiest one. He pulled me into the tightest hug. Letting go he looked at me a rubbed my tears away. Then he looked at my scars on my arm.

“Frisk I thought I told you, you aren’t that heartless thing you have the biggest heart one anyone I know! So next time you have those memories come find me, call me okay? I don’t want you to hurt yourself anymore, you have been through enough”

“I promise “He seemed happy and relieved that I promised.


“Yeah Kido?”

“I promise I won’t reset no matter what” I said smiling

Sans looked at me shocked, happy and anger all at the same time. I was confused shouldn’t he be happy?

“Kid don’t promise something like that, if you are in any danger or about to die RESET! Please I don’t think I could stand it if I lost you the others would be heartbroken too”


He cut me off.

“Frisk, I love you kido… and I don’t want to see you get hurt anymore”

“Then Sans I know how you hate making promises, but do you think you could keep this one?”

“Depends what is” he said

“If I come backs as that demon kill me the second you see me, none needs to suffer. Especially you Sans”

He didn’t answer right away, he sighed

“I promise Frisk” he said with a bit of sadness in his voice

“Thank you” I said yawning

“Okay Kido you should sleep, I stay here make sure you have no bad dreams I will make sure” Sans said

“What are you going to give them a bad time”? I said while giggling

Once again he turned blue I smiled and kissed his check. He was blushing more

“Thank you Sans for everything and you can tell the others if you want to”

“You sure Frisk?”

I yawn and nodded, feeling my eyes grow heavy. I laid down still hugging my best friend and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning feeling like I finally got the best night sleep, I had in a long time. I noticed it was still early, though I wanted to sleep more I wanted to go to church and have my past sins forgive. So I got ready and easily suck out of the house, I would be back before the others were up. Biggest reason I wanted to go was to  pray for my brother.

Toriel’s pov

I finished grading papers for the night and went to check on my sweet child. I walked up the stairs to her room.

“My child?” I asked quietly

“Kido is sleeping peacefully for once” Sans voice answer

I could see him holding Frisk, and it looked like he had been crying.

“Sans?” I asked full of worry

He got up, made sure Frisk was still sleeping and walked over to me.

“She spoke Tori”

“What!” I said shocked



“I went to check on her before bed, she has scars Tori on her back and arms, maybe more places I don’t know, she told me what happen before she can to the Underground. It’s not pretty Tori.”

“She told you?”

“She could barely speak without shaking and crying, she told me before she fell asleep, I can tell you and the others what happened.”

“I will call the others…. Get your brother?”

He nodded, I called everyone and they came over fairly fast.

“Sans she spoke?” asked Alphys

“Not just a few words?” asked Papyrus

“She did she has a beautiful voice too” Sans said

I swear he was blushing a little, Then he told us what happened. By the end I was sick to my
stomach, Papyrus was crying, Undyne was punching a pillow, Alphys just had her hand to her mouth, and Assgore was quiet. Sans eye was glowing do how emotional he was after telling the story.

“How could anyone do that to a child?” I stammered

“Humans are sick!” yelled Undyne

“No wonder Frisk didn’t want to talk I wouldn’t” said Alphys

“Brother will she be alright?” Papyrus asked

“As long as we by her side, I think the kido will be just fine” Sans answered

We all looked to her room and hoped we could help her through this.

Undyne’s pov

We got a call from Toriel, saying that the puck had spoken and told Sans about her past. Sans was willing to tell everyone what the kid told him, but only once. So Alphys and I went over to the house still in our PJs not really giving a damn how we were dressed.  

“Brother shouldn’t the Human tell us?” asked Papyrus

“Bro I doubt she could she barely was able to tell me” Sans answer

“Sans she spoke?” asked Alphys

“Not just a few words?” asked Papyrus

“She did she has a beautiful voice too” Sans said

Papyrus just nodded I noticed everyone, but Assgore had yet to show. It would take him a bit, of course, but he was soon with us.

“Ok Sans go on” said Tori

“Okay, but none interrupt I might not be able to start again” Sans said

We nodded, he sighed and started.

He finished the story in about five minutes. His eye was glowing probably due to the fact he wanted to hunt the sick fuck down and give him a bad time. He probably also wished those shit parents were still alive so he could do the same to them as they did to our Frisk. I was punching a pillow trying to control my anger before I broke something, last time I did that Tori was not a happy woman.

Tori looked sick like she might throw up or pass out. Assgore was just quiet, probably out of shock that someone did that to his daughter. Alphys was the same, but holding back the tears trying to be strong. I was proud of her, but if she wanted to cry, I would totally understand.

There was crying going on that was for sure. Paps was weeping we had to stop him from running to Frisk and probably giving her a death hug. He wanted so badly to make her smile and make her feel better.

Luckily Sans told him the kid was sleeping peacefully for once and they could hug her in the morning. He agreed but was still crying.

“How could anyone do that to a child?” Tori stammered

“Humans are sick!”  I yelled

Tori was right who the hell would… I couldn’t even say that word it left a bad taste in my mouth.

“No wonder Frisk didn’t want to talk I wouldn’t” said Alphys

Alphys was right no wonder she didn’t speak, she has been to hell and back. She was like what ten, eleven when she literally was torture and watched her brother die! She probably lost the will to live. Yet she helped us, why? I really wished I could ask her that, maybe I will someday.

“Brother will she be alright?” Papyrus asked

“As long as we by her side, I think the kido will be just fine” Sans answered

We all looked to her room and hoped we could help her through this. Soon after Alphys and I went back home and told the others we see them in the morning. Assgore was staying over in the guest room, much to Tori disliking, but she knew it be easier if he stays, also the two were on better ground now. We were all hoping they would get back together. Frisk was the important thing we do whatever it takes to help her and keep her safe.

Alphys’s pov

Undyne and I walked home after learning about Frisk’s past. I wanted to do something, anything to help them, but what? I looked at my girlfriend and I hugged her knowing she needed.

“Thanks honey” she said

“We will figure it out we will make sure we there for her.”

“I know I just can’t believe she went through all of that and still helped us”

It was shocking, but not totally Frisk had a big heart and I knew she do anything to help others, it was her greatest gift and weakness. I sat on our bed thinking.

“Alphys?” Undyne asked full of worry

“Sorry, thinking”

“About how to help Frisk?”

I nodded.

“I might be able to make a healing jell to get rid of her scars, I was going to find…”

“The fucker?” Undyne finished

I nodded again.

“Not just that but looked into her human family”

She nodded and hugged me

“You are so sweet Alphys!”

I blushed.

“We should probably get some sleep if we want to be there for Frisk all day!”

“We should totally have girl’s night! That way we could see how bad the scars are so you can figure out how to, health them” Undyne said

I nodded and closed my eyes hoping we be able to help out Frisk through this.

Papyrus’s pov

I wanted so badly to go to my best human friend in the world and hold her tight. Sans told me Frisk need to sleep and I could give her a death hug in the morning. I laid in my bed, unable to sleep, though most people think I’m native I wasn’t. I knew a lot more than I let on. I knew things, but I doubt anyone would believe me if I told them. I knew my brother had nightmares himself and that's why he would sleep during the day. Just like the human he refused to speak about it. I knew Sans had his secrets a lab being one or how he seemed to know more than he let on.  

I saw how my brother and Frisk were together like a secret club or something. Everyone wrote it off as them being good friends, but I knew there was more to it. Like they knew what the other was thinking or when they need each other. It not that I wasn’t happy they were close I just wanted to know why? I was worried for both of them, they need more than just each other when they were going through something.

I wanted to make sure everyone was happy and well, As the Great Papyrus I would do so. I rubbed my eye sockets that were still filled with tears. I wanted to help my brother, my best friend, but the two of them were more stubborn than anyone I knew.  I smiled a little, I think that only other person who might notice that those two were made for each other was Toriel. They weren’t that different in age. (Don’t get mad people) Sans was only 16 while Frisk was 12 though humans wouldn’t like it till Frisk was older like 16 or 17 herself before it would be seen as okay. Monster didn’t care about age or race love was love.  I was the older brother, though Sans acted like he was. He always was there for me and I would always be there for him. I sighed

How was I supposed to help them, when they were too damn stubborn to ask for it?

“UGG” I moaned

I looked at the clock to see it was 8 in the morning. Everyone would sleep in till at least 10, for Sans and Frisk they might sleep all day if Tori and I let them. Again perfect for each other. I got up, started to get ready might as well wasn’t going to sleep anyway. I suddenly heard the front door open and close.

“Who on Earth is up at this time” I said to myself.

I quickly went to the window since my room faced the street, I saw Frisk leaving the house alone.

“Frisk where are you going?”

I decided to follow her. Though she made through the underground by herself, up here wasn’t as safe and mercy might not work with some humans. After learning what happened to her that was a prime example, how it wouldn’t always work.

I followed her but not close enough to be seen, I noticed she was entering a church. I was about to follow her in when I was pulled back.

“Hey bro” said Sans

“SANS! What are you doing here?”

“Same as you following the kid”

“Why is she here Sans?!”

He shrugged his shoulders, but I saw a glint in his eye he knew why.

“Sans tell me the truth”

“I really don’t know Pap”

“Don’t lie to me!” I spat

He sighed

“She is praying for her brother Pap, it’s a human thing when a human dies their soul goes to two places heaven or hell. Heaven is for the good people and hell is for the bad ones. She praying that her brother is safe and in heaven, it personally, we just wait for her to come back out and walk her home together”

I nodded


“Yeah bro?”

“Is there anything you want to talk about?”

He gave me that everlasting smile.

“Tibia honest bro not right now I’m fine you get rattled to easy”

I groaned at the puns, but smiled still the same. About 10 minutes later Frisk came out and didn’t seem too shocked to see us there. Did she know we were following her? On the way home Sans were telling her annoying puns and making her laugh. She hadn’t spoken a word, though. I guess she knew we all had questions and didn’t want to repeat herself.

I quickly picked her up and pulled her into a hug. She laughed

“Paps a little warning would be nice you almost made me jump out of my skin!” she said

I blinked she spoke a full sentence and Sans was right, she did have a beautiful voice now that she was speaking louder than a whisper.

“Wait you can jump out of your skin!”

Sans started laughing and Frisk did too.

“No Paps it a human saying it means you scared me” She said

“Well I’m truly sorry!”

It’s okay sometimes it’s good to rattle my bones!”

“Sans you have corrupt the human”

He and Frisk just laughed, I was happy things seemed to be better than they were before. We soon reached home to be greeted by everyone.

Assgore’s pov

I would make sure that our daughter was safe, with love ones and would never have to worry about being hurt again. She should have never gone through what she did and I would make sure that. None would stop us from making her part of the family.

The paperwork was long, hard and at some points just plain dumb, but it would all be worth in the end when Frisk was part of the family. I would do anything to keep my little girl safe. I had stayed over at Tori’s house after learning the truth. It made me sick, like everyone else, but that was my little girl so I was more pissed off than anyone. I knew I had to control my anger, not just for the others, but for myself. I wanted to be a better person prove to Tori that I was the man she fell in love with all those years ago. This might be a good place to start getting Frisk adopted.
My eyes started to hurt so I decided to go to the guest room and sleep some. I noticed Tori was still asleep in her chair. I put a blanket on her and went to bed. I must have fallen asleep pretty quickly because I woke to the sunlight hitting my face.

I went downstairs to smell pancakes and other yummy foods.  I saw Tori cooking, but she looked dead tried probably sleeping in the chair wasn’t the best move on her part. She was also up with worry for Frisk too, that was probably the biggest reason she didn’t sleep well. Alphas and Undyne were at the table with a computer and by the looks of it, were read news articles about crimes that happened in the past year to maybe find anything on what happened to Frisk and her human family.
I couldn’t really even call those horrible humans who dare call themselves, parents her family, they were nothing but horrible humans that showed the worst of what humility had to offer.

“Morning” I said

“Hey” Undyne and Alphas said together, then went back to the computer.

Tori nodded and went back to cooking.

“Did you sleep at all Tori?” I asked with worry

“No” she said truthfully

“You should rest none of us want you to get sick”

“I’m fine Assgore, besides my child needs me”

I sighed and then I was wondering where Frisk, Sans and Papyrus were.

“Where’s Frisk?” I asked

“Sans took her to church I guess she wanted to pray for her brother”


I didn’t really know what to say about that, but I guess it didn’t matter if it made Frisk happy then so be it. The door opened soon after with the three of them walk in the door.

“Frisk!” yelled Undyne and Alphys

“My Child!” Tori ran and gave her a tight hug to the point she was turning blue.

“Mom” she barely got out

“Opps, sorry my dear. I just wanted you to know how loved you are.”

Frisk gave a huge smile.

“I know and thank you all of you I means more to me than you ever know”

We were all shocked that she spoke and Sans was right she did have a beautiful voice, anger filled me how could those things hit her? They didn’t even deserve to be called humans, they were things demons, maybe would be the best way to describe them.

“You got that right puck!” yelled Undyne

Frisk laughed

“I know”

She turned to me and smiled

“Hey dad”

I smiled and hugged her

“Group hug!” yelled Papyrus

“Papyrus don’t you...” Sans started to say, but was when Papyrus pulled him into the hug.

“This is so sweet!” Papyrus said holding everyone tight

“I think its bone crushing.” said Frisk

In less than a second Papyrus let go of everyone. Tori and Sans as well as Frisk were laughing.

I smiled seeing how happy she was.

“Tender Moment Over!” yelled Papyrus

“What you didn’t find that humerus?” asked Sans while laughing

Tori and Frisk were laughing harder now, yet somewhere between laughs Frisk got another of out other pun.

“Paps don’t be so temporal”

“UGG!” yelled Papyrus and stormed to his room

“Nice one kid!” said Sans smiling wider

“Tibia be honest, I be waiting for the right moment, I’m glad you like it” Frisk said, giggling
Sans was soon on the floor laughing, Tori was trying to catch her breath and even Undyne and Alphys were giggling.

“Dog pile on SANS!” yelled Frisk

Soon everyone was on top of Sans even Papyrus came back down. We were all laughing, though there would be hard times we would be there for each other and deep down I knew things would get better.

Flowey/Asriel’s pov

I slept pretty well till that stupid skeleton yelled. I overheard what he and the kid were talking about. Even without a soul something inside me felt sick. I guess hearing something that sick did something to me. This human did nothing but be nice even when everyone wanted her dead. How could she still able to be so kind without really knowing it herself?

What happened to her remind me of Chara though her sounded a lot worst, and yet her had no hate in her heart. God that made me sick and mad at the same time. I want to make her see that kindness and Love were stupid and would lead nothing to pain in the end. Yet I wanted to feel that I wanted to care and be nice.

Damn the stupid human was changing me! I went back to sleep after a while, but again was awoken by the short skeleton yelling in his sleep. Before I could yell at him for waking me up and teasing him about having a nightmare. He teleported out of the room. I was annoyed but I went back to sleep. Not much else I could do.

I was wondering when the skeleton was going to talk to me and want rules he had for me. I also wanted to see Frisk. I wanted to ask her why didn’t want to leave me. Why she held on to the hope that she could save me? How she was able to not hate humanity like Chara did.
I was hoping she could save me give me a soul. I hated living like this. Yet I didn’t want to get my hopes up there probably was no change for me to have a soul.

Sans’s pov

I sat with the kid holding them tight as I could without hurting her. As she spoke through the tears, even though her voice was weak due to crying or such little use, it still was beautiful. I had to hold back my anger rising within me with each word she spoke.

“Who the hell whips their children for talking?” I thought to myself

She must have noticed my anger because she hugged me tighter, trying to calm me down, of all people who need to be helped it was her, but no matter what this amazing little girl would put everyone before herself. Why did she have to have such a big heart? It did help though my anger slowly went away, but not totally. It came back even stronger than before when I heard that sick four letter word. I was now shaking myself trying to control my magic and anger at the same time.

“Who the hell Rapes an eleven year old!” I yelled to myself, I will find that sick bastard and give him one hell of a bad time.

As she finished her story, I understood how the hell that damn demon was able to take her over, I can’t believe she was even able to fight them off! Man she was stronger than she looked. My mind was racing with a million questions, but now was not the time she told me enough for one night hell even a lifetime.

She put her hair behind her ear. Then rubbed her arm where it was littered with scars it pissed me off to see those on her.

“Sometimes, when I remember the horrible things I did I cut myself as punishment… I know it's not right it just ….. I deserve it and I didn’t save my brother, I let him die I killed everyone and hurt you Sans.”


My chest hurts how much could one kid take in such a short time on Earth?

She looked at me probably saw me crying, I was supposed to be strong for her right now and here I was breaking down. I pulled her into the tightest hug.  After letting go I looked at Frisk a rubbed her tears away. Then I looked at scars on her arm.

“Frisk I thought I told you, you aren’t that heartless thing you have the biggest heart one anyone I know! So next time you have those memories come find me, call me okay? I don’t want you to hurt yourself anymore, you have been through enough” I said, meaning every word

“I promise “I was so relieved by that.


“Yeah Kido?”

“I promise I won’t reset no matter what” She said smiling

I was shocked, happy and anger all at the same time. Though I was happy she would be willing to do that I was shocked she make that kind of promise since she didn’t have total control over that and pissed because by her making that it meant if she died it be over for good and I couldn’t stand losing her. I was just trying to make sure that the reset didn’t happen on their own, I didn’t want her to lose the power to save herself.

“Kid don’t promise something like that, if you are in any danger or about to die RESET! Please I don’t think I could stand it if I lost you the others would be heartbroken too”

That was the true, though I think I be hurt more I loved this girl a lot she understood me and was there for me, I don’t know want I do if I lost my best friend.


I cut her off.

“Frisk, I love you kido… and I don’t want to see you get hurt anymore”

“Then Sans I know how you hate making promises, but do you think you could keep this one?”

“Depends what is” I said

I didn’t like where this was going.

“If I come back as that demon kill me the second you see me, none needs to suffer. Especially you Sans”

I didn’t answer right away, how could I kill her even when that demon was in control?  Because all I see is this my best friend who went through hell and still set us free. I sighed.

“I promise Frisk” I said with a bit of sadness in my voice I didn’t mean for it to come out that way but it did.

“Thank you” Frisk said yawning

“Okay Kido you should sleep, I stay here make sure you have no bad dreams I will make sure” I said

“What are you going to give them a bad time”?  She said while giggling

Once again, I knew I was blushing, but of course the kid had to kiss me on the cheek making turn bluer. Damn this kid, I loved her so much!

“Thank you Sans for everything and you can tell the others if you want to” she said

“You sure Frisk?”

She nodded and fell asleep on me. I wanted to stay with her, but it be best to get this over with because I doubt she could tell that story again. Hell, I didn’t even know if I could tell it.

After telling everyone what happened to our Frisk. Alphys and Undyne went home, to sleep and staring, looking up anything about Frisk’s living trash of parents and the sicko who did that to her. Assgore went to work on finishing the adopting papers. Tori was checking on Frisk every five minutes till she passed out in her chair. The stupid flower was most likely sleeping, which just left Paps and me.

“Brother?” he asked

I snapped out of my train of thought.

“Yeah bro?” I asked

“Do you think?” he started

I knew he meant what if he finds her and hurts her again.

“I don’t think so Pap, at least I hope not”

He probably thought she was dead that would for the best if he did, because if he laid a hand on her he be dead.

“I don’t think the human should be left alone for long periods of time.”

“I agree bro, but you know how stubborn she is, it might take a while for her to agree” I said rubbing my eye sockets.

“Brother you should sleep, you look like you really need it” said Papyrus

“Same to you bro”

We both said Goodnight and went to bed, though it was far from peacefully for me that is.


“Don’t touch her!” I yelled at the damn demon

Chara just laughed at me and stabbed Frisk multiple times dropping her to the ground like trash with the knife still in her. Then that thing turned to me with a sick smile on its face. With another knife in hand.

“You couldn’t save her just like you couldn’t save your brother. How lame can you be?”

The thing started to walk to me when it stopped and started to cough up blood.

“Shut the fuck up Chara and got to hell!” Frisk yelled

That when I noticed we were on top of Mt. Ebbot. Frisk pulled Chara with her to the edge and smiled at me.

“No more resets, no more deaths this ends today.”

I knew what she was planning I started to run to stop her but I was too late they both went over.

“Frisk No!” I yelled

I woke up in a cold sweat and looked around the room to see it was in the new house. Relief filled me some, but I had to make sure that it wasn’t real.

“Please God don’t be real” I said to myself

I jumped out of my bed and teleported to Frisk’s room, though it was right next door I was too lazy to walk there. She wasn’t in her bed, I started to panic, when I noticed it wasn’t neatly made well neater than mine, but not like Tori’s or Pap’s. I started to take deep breaths to calm myself when I heard the door open and close. I teleported to the window to see Frisk outside and Papyrus following her without trying to be seen, mostly likely she knew, she always knew when I was following her. She just didn’t want to hurt Papyrus feelings that he was no good at spying. I decided to follow them, but I had a pretty good Idea where the kid was going.

I saw her entered the church like I believed she would probably going to confession, it hurt me to know how guilty she felt for something that wasn’t her fault, but that demon’s. Yet I knew it was more than that. When she spoke of her brother they sounded like they were really close like Paps and me. She had watched him die and no resets could save him. When I lost Papyrus those two times it killed me, but I knew there would be a reset and he come back. Frisk would never see her brother alive again. I wanted to hold her tight, but I couldn’t make the pain go away no matter how hard I tried.

I saw Papyrus going in after her and I knew she wanted to be alone for this so I quickly stopped him.

“Hey bro” I said

“SANS! What are you doing here?”

“Same as you following the kid”

“Why is she here Sans?!”

I shrugged my shoulders, but Papyrus knew I knew more than I was saying.

“Sans tell me the truth”

“I really don’t know Pap” I said hoping to drop the subject

“Don’t lie to me!” he spat

Papyrus never got mad, I knew he was worried about the kid.

“She is praying for her brother Pap, it’s a human thing when a human dies their soul goes to two places heaven or hell. Heaven is for the good people and hell is for the bad ones. She praying that her brother is safe and in heaven, it personally, we just wait for her to come back out and walk her home together”

He nodded.

“Sans?” he asked

“Yeah bro?”

“Is there anything you want to talk about?”

I gave him a smile.

“Tibia honest bro not right now I’m fine you get rattled to easy”

He groaned at the puns, but smiled still the same. About 10 minutes later Frisk came out and didn’t seem too shocked to see us there. I smirked at her. On the way home, I was telling Frisk puns and making her laugh. God I loved her laugh. She hadn’t spoken a word, though. I guess she knew we all had questions and didn’t want to repeat herself, just like me too lazy to repeat.

Papyrus quickly picked her up and pulled her into a hug. She laughed.

“Paps a little warning would be nice you almost made me jump out of my skin!” she said

He blinked probably shocked she spoke a full sentence.

“Wait you can jump out of your skin!” Papyrus asked shocked

The kid and I started laughing.

“No Paps it a human saying it means you scared me” She said

“Well I’m truly sorry!”

“It’s okay sometimes it’s good to rattle my bones!”

“Sans you have corrupt the human”

The two of us just laughed, Frisk looked at me her eyes saying

“We need to talk alone”

I nodded, understanding we got home and were greeted by everyone. Being thrown into a group hug, lucky the kid told some amazing puns that got us out of that, till she and everyone threw themselves on top of me. I just laughed hoping things would always be like this.

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Frisk’s pov

It had been a few months since the monsters were free from the underground, and humans started to expect them of course there were the racist people who didn’t like them, I didn’t understand that, monsters were so cool and so nice once you got to know them. Since I was the ambassador to the monsters I had to go to a lot of meetings with important people. Luckily Toriel, Assgore, Papyrus, Sans, Undyne and Alphys were with me and would talk for me since I wasn’t much of a talker. I used sign language instead and everyone would speak for me that way I was glad. Since I hadn’t talked for a long time now and maybe never would. I did speak a few words sometimes, but it usually was with mom and Sans that I would talk to, I trusted them, not that I didn’t trust the others it just that I felt really close to them. Anyway, after going through countless boarding meetings, the leaders of the world and the monsters found a way to live together in harmony.  Sans thought things would be worse than they were believing that a war could break out when the monsters return.   He was happy to be wrong as was everyone else.

Everyone was doing great Mom became a teacher who is loved by all her students and was still making her famous butterscotch pies. She bought a nice house where we shared it with Sans and Papyrus. Mom was still angry with dad, but they were talking and slowly becoming friends again or at least I hoped they were. Dad had a place of his own a few blocks from ours and become a gardener. Monsters as well as humans would hire him to do landscaping. Papyrus got his dream car a red convertible still not sure how he got a license and the car so fast. Monsters were weird like that. Anyway, he got a job as a security guard at mom’s school and the kids loved Him!  Sans got a little green moped  unlike Papyrus who followed the rules of the road, would take his so called shortcuts  pretty much giving me a heart attack the first few times I rode with him, but I got used to it somewhat. I didn’t know what he did unless he found a job that pay him to sleep, I didn’t think he had a job.

Undyne and Alphys were happily living together and had a nice place right next door from our house. Undyne became a personal trainer to humans and monsters. She would also fight in matches. Alphys got job, watching anime and rating if it was good or not she loves it! It was perfect for her. Also, Napstablook, Mettaton and Burgerpants were become slowly famous as a rock star group. They were following their dreams. As for me, I worked as the ambassador, went to school luckily where mom taught and Papyrus worked. My monster friend who I learn his name was Mike was there too. (Name never given in the game) I was happy, well as happy as a twelve year old girl could be (gender not given in the game) I was happy well… maybe not 100%.

Being plagued with nightmares didn’t help with my mood. The nightmares about my past or the different timelines. I told Sans about the different timeline dreams I had and he also reassured me I wasn’t Chara, but the guilt in my heart never went away. Though those dreams were horrible, I knew that wasn’t me that killed my family that I been taken control of by Chara damn the demon. Sans told me that my evil possessed self-had only happened twice the other four times I had died in the process usually by the hands of Assgore. I would do anything to make sure none of us went through that nightmare again.   Yet my past before I met my family was haunting me the most. I don’t think I could ever talk about it.

“My child it time to get up.” Mom called

I slowly blinked my eyes open and looked at the clock next to my bed, it read 10:00. I let out a yawn and climb out of my warm bed. I got dressed up warm. It was late October and the weather had turned cold, wet and chilly fast. It was one week before Halloween the first Halloween for the monsters and boy were they excited most of all Papyrus. He couldn’t wait for all the candy! I was happy for them, but Halloween brought back dark memories for me, so I wasn’t in the mood and I doubt I wouldn’t be for a while. It didn’t matter though I put on a happy face and have fun with my new family. I made my way downstairs to the kitchen where I smell French toast and syrup.

“Hey Kido you were so out I thought you were dead! Dead to the bone” said Sans

I giggled at his silly pun. So did mom as she brought me a plate of food and a glass of milk. I was about to start eating when Papyrus was on Sans once again for his puns.

“Must you keep doing that brother?” he asked in a very annoyed tone.

Sans just smirk at Papyrus and put an arm around his shoulder I started to spill my milk.

It’s going to tibia okay brother” said Sans smirking even more

Papyrus lets out a loud cry and stormed off, I started to laugh that milk came out of my nose. Then Mom and Sans started to laugh. I smiled and went to get a towel to clean up the mess.

“I got it my child just eat okay?” Mom said

“Thank you mom” I said in a whisper, but I knew she would hear me.

She kissed my forehead and clean up the mess while I ate. I turn to ask Sans a question, but he had already disappeared to who knows where. I would finish eating and go see Undyne and Alphys. After I helped mom clean the dishes first.

Toriel’s pov

I watched as my child ate in silence, I deeply worried about Frisk, though she could talk very well mind you, I just thought it was because she was shy which was understandable. Yet it had been almost 4 months and she still spoke very little. I was worried that something was wrong, but when I ask her if she was okay, she would say she was fine and don’t worry mom.

I looked over at my child, I wonder why she had come to the mountain in the first place. I knew the others did too, most of all Sans. I smiled Sans was probably the one who Frisk was closest to. I didn’t mind they were cute together most of all when they were teasing Papyrus.

“Mom?” came a sweet little voice that I wish I would hear more.

“Yes my child?” I answered

She got up from her chair and hugged me tight. I hugged back.

“Did you just need a hug?” I asked

She nodded and hugged more. I knew something was wrong, no matter how much I wanted to push her for answers, I didn’t want her to leave. I just have to wait for her to tell me. I just smiled and hugged her. I was enjoying the moment when there was a knock at the door.

Frisk got out of the hug to get the door, I watched her and just smiled. I worry too much she’s just fine.

Undyne’s pov

The little punk opened the door gave me a smile and nodded for me to come in. She gave me a quick hug and ran off back to the kitchen.

“Hello Undyne are you having a good morning?” asked Toriel

“I’m fine Toriel how are you and how is Frisk?” I asked

“We both fine. Where is Alphys?”

“Sick she kicked me out doesn’t want me to get sick, I told her I want to take care of her, but she told me she was fine and I should have fun”

Frisk returned with my favorite soda and gave it to me. I smiled that the kid could make anyone happy no matter what mood they were in.

“Thanks kid” I said, smiling and sat on the couch

Frisk smiled and hugged me a little longer this time.

“It will be okay” she signed

“I know kid, but thank you” I smiled more

The door flew open and Papyrus came in he looked annoyed I looked at Frisk.

“Puns” she signed

I rolled my eye. He saw me and he looked calmer.

“Undyne! I’m so glad to see you!” he yelled

“Yeah good to see you too, I said, holding back a laugh

Papyrus was just so full of life that it was so hard to not like him. All the energy that he had never seen to slow down, I wouldn’t shock me if he is able to run to one end of the state and back within an hour.

The kid poked me and held a can a soup in her hand. How she moved so fast was beyond me, she probably starred picking up that habit from Sans. I smile. She wanted to help Alphys too.
“What is with the soup Frisk?” asked Papyrus

“Alphys is sick Frisk here wants to help make her feel better” I answered for her
She nodded

“I the Great Papyrus will help you, I will make the best soup ever!” he yelled

“Papyrus why don’t you help me clean the house today and let Frisk and Undyne take care of Alphys” said Toriel

“Okay!” Papyrus said

I was relieved that she got him out of cooking, his food still needs a lot work before anyone could eat it, and I probably wouldn’t help someone who was already sick.

“Ok Punk let’s go!”

She nodded and headed to the door.

“Frisk I don’t want you to get to close to Alphys I don’t want you to get sick too”

“No worries Tori we make the soup and came right back Right Frisk”

She smiled and nodded, Tori seemed happy with the answer and let us go. Frisk had yet to get sick yet and I don’t think anyone wanted that to happen. We got to Alphys’s and my house in about 10 seconds went right to the kitchen to make the soup.

“Undyne. Frisk what are you doing here?” Alphys asked while coughing

“The kid want to make you some soup to make you feel better”

Frisk smiled and Alphys laughed

“You… don’t need to do that... I am fine” she said

“Yes we do we care about you! Now get back to bed, we bring the soup up soon!” I said

She did as she was told, Frisk and I made the soup and soon took it to her. She happily ate it up and went to sleep. I smiled, she was so cute when she was sleeping. I felt a small poke, I turned and looked at the kid.

“I will go home, you take care of her I see you later!” she signed

She left after that I smiled and kissed Alphys forehead. I got up and watched to make sure she got home safely though it was right next door it was better to be safe than sorry. She got in the house and closed the door. I sighed and went back to Alphys.

Alphys’s pov

I didn’t want Undyne or Frisk to get sick, but when those two got together they could be really stubborn. I just laid in my bed trying to get rid of this horrible cold. I let out a cough when I heard the door open and Undyne and Frisk came in with the soup.

“Thanks… you … didn’t…need to do that.” I stammered

“Of course, we did you, love you!” said Undyne

Frisk smiled and nodded. Frisk seemed to be deep in thought and I wondered what she was thinking about. I was about to ask her, but decided against it, and ate the soup instead. It felt good on my sore throat and seemed to clear my airways, making easier to breath, it had some spice in it that wasn’t too hot. Yet seemed to make the soup taste better.

“Spice was the kid’s idea!” Undyne said

Frisk smiled at me.

“Thank you!” I said

“You’re lucky we cooked Papyrus wanted to help” Undyne said

I shivered at the thought and my stomach turned. I continued to eat the soup till I felt a wave of tiredness wash over me. I laid my head down and fell asleep. When I come to Undyne was asleep in the chair with her head on the bed. I smiled and kissed her. She blinked her eyes open and smiled

“Feeling better?” she asked

“Yes… where is Frisk?”

“Went home when you fell asleep” she answered

I nodded and yawned.

“Sleep okay I be right here if you need anything” She said smiling
I blushed

“Lay by me I’m cold” I said

Undyne face lit up and she crawled into the bed with me and held me close. I rubbed my eyes and fell asleep once again.

Papyrus’s pov

Frisk was back about 30 or so minutes later. She closes the door and sat on the couch without a word.

“Frisk what is the matter?” I asked

“Worried about Alphys she signed

We all use to her use sign language she done for about 2 months now after teaching herself. So we understood what she was saying. We all wondered why she spoke so little, at her age, most kids couldn’t stop talking.

“You ready for Halloween?” I asked

She shrugged her shoulder indifferently about the question. So I asked a different question.

“Do you have a costume?”

She nodded, smiling.

“Can I see it?” I asked with happiness

She giggled

“You have to wait for Halloween silly!” she said

I smiled at least she answered with words this time and her mood seemed to improve. She rubbed her eyes and laid her head on the couch. I went over and placed a blanket on her.

“Thanks Paps”

“Of course! I the Great Papyrus will always be her to help!”

She giggled and closed her eyes. I smiled, but like all of us, we worried about her. I should ask Sans to talk to her, he had a better chance to get her to talk. My brother was closer to Frisk than most of us, I was a bit envious of that. I the Great PAPYRUS was supposed to be her best friend! Yet Frisk and I shared of love for cooking and action heroes. Actually she shared a lot of things with all of us. Her love for reading, bad jokes, anime, learning to fight, music, gardening and a lot more. We knew almost everything about her expect her past and we all believed she was hiding something and we wanted to know. We would be there for her no matter what we were family after all.

We also knew she been having nightmares, for the past few weeks. Sans most the time would find downstairs or outside staring off into space. We all asked if she wanted to talk about it, but she, always say no. Toriel noticed how she was barely able to stay awake in class and she always fall asleep when she got home and sleep till dinner. Then she does her homework afterwards, which she got done pretty fast, she was a smart kid. Then watch T.V., get ready for bed and it starts all over again.

I sighed and gently ran my hand through her hair trying to be careful not to get the joints suck in it.  I hoped she would open up to us soon we were all worried. Her breathing was slow and steady. I knew then she fine. I decided to find Sans, maybe he be able to get her to tell him want was wrong.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Tori got it and there was Assgore. I find Sans later besides, if he didn’t want to be found you usually couldn’t.

Assgore’s pov

I knocked on the door and waited for it to be opened. Tori opened gave a quick smile and let me in. I noticed Frisk sleeping on the couch and Papyrus watching over her. She must have had another sleepless night. Frisk only seems to get a good night’s sleep when she was sleeping during the day. Papyrus waved at me and kissed Frisk forehead.

“She still not sleeping?” I asked quietly to not wake her

“No and she still refuses to tell us about what they are about” Tori said worriedly
I sighed and walked over to her and ran my hand over her. She moaned a little and woke up.

“Sorry did I wake you my dear?” I asked

“No” she whispered

I smiled

“How are you dad?” she signed

“Fine my dear”

She smiled and let out a yawn.

“Are you alright Frisk”

“Worried about Alphys she sick” she signed

“Don’t you worry, she get better before you know it!”

She nodded and got up and went to the kitchen and started to make our favorite tea.

I smiled

“So umm Tori how are your classes going?” I asked

“Great, though some of the human kids are quite a humanful”

“UGGG!” yelled Papyrus

Frisk signed they were jerks and racist, then she went back to making the tea.

I shook my head.

“They hadn’t be bothering you Frisk?”

“Not since Sans gave them a talking to” said Papyrus

“Parents weren’t too happy about that” said Tori

“At least he just talked to them” said Papyrus

We all knew how powerful Sans was. He didn’t get mad easily, but when he did you were in for a bad time.  He hated it when people messed with his loved one. Frisk came back with the tea.

“Thanks Frisk” I said and took a drink

She smiled and did the same. We all started to talk about Halloween once in a while Frisk would sign something, but she looked not as excited as we were for our first Halloween. Yet she could just be tried. After a while I went home for the night.

“Sleep well tonight Frisk”

She smiled

“Thank you” she said I left with a smile on my face knowing things would get better. They just had to.

Flowey/Asriel’s pov

I was in the dark, silence. None to bother me. It was peaceful… Okay, I was lonely and I wanted
Frisk to reset all ready, but I knew that it wasn’t going to happen not this time. I heard footsteps, I thought I told her to forget about me! Stupid Human! Yet it wasn’t Frisk but that lazy skeleton.  Sans I think his name is

"What are you doing here?!” I yelled

“Came to bring you to Frisk” he said

“I told her to forget about me” I said

He ignored me and started to dig me up.

“What are you doing, Stop that!” I yelled

“Too late I already finished weeding you” he said

“UGG!” I groaned

He placed me in the pot. He walked to where he lived after a few hours of doing work with me yelling at him that he couldn’t stop the reset from happening. He told me to stick a stem in it and I shut up for the time being. See his eyes glowing that creepy blue. I didn’t want to die!

He opened the door to smell dinner cooking and hearing the taller skeleton protesting about how it wasn’t spaghetti. I noticed Frisk sleeping on the couch. I couldn’t help it, I smiled seeing her.

“BROTHER THERE YOU ARE!” yelled his brother

Frisk woke up with a start glared at him for like two seconds for waking her up and laughed. Then she saw the Sans and me. A huge smile came on her face and she hugged the skeleton. Then she hugged my pot, I could feel my face growing hot. Damn this human and her big heart! She started signing to the Sans like a mile a minute I had no know idea what she was saying. The skeleton blushed I could tell he really wanted to talk to her about me, probably what to do with me now that I was here.

Soon everyone asked about me and we made up the best lie, we could think about, knowing the truth would cause more pain than good. It was for the best. The skeleton placed me in his room and I fell asleep with a happy smile on my face.

Sans’s pov

After seeing the kid once again looked like she hadn’t slept well or at all the night before worried me greatly. I told probably her a thousand times that she wasn’t Chara and she never would be. Not this time or ever again. I make sure of it. I have been working on a way to make sure things never reset again. It was hard, but I was getting somewhere.  I went to Mt. Ebbot to see Asriel or Flowey. I knew that Frisk felt bad for leaving them behind and I was trying to find a way to bring him, not that I thought it was a good idea mind you, but if made Frisk happy that’s what matter.

I was just glad she told me about the kids that were bullying her. At least I could take care of that problem. I sigh. Tori had gave me a skull full after that though I knew she was happy that I was watching out for Frisk.

“What are you doing here!” yelled Flowey/ Asriel

“Came to bring you to Frisk” I said

“I told her to forget about me” said Asriel/Flowey

Though they were the same person it was easy to tell who was talking, Flowey had bitterness in his voice while Asriel had sadness and regret in his. I could see why Frisk felt bad and wanted to help. Damn the kid, she had a bigger heart than most humans and monsters did.

I sighed brought out the pot and the hand shovel and dug the stupid flower up.

“What are you doing, Stop that!” they both yelled

“Too late I already finished weeding you” I said

“UGG!” said Flowey

I walked home after a few hours of doing work with the stupid flower yelling at me that I couldn’t stop the reset. I told to stick a stem in it. He stopped probably because my eyes were glowing and he knew to shut up.

I opened the door to smell dinner cooking and hearing the Papyrus protesting about how it wasn’t spaghetti. I noticed Frisk sleeping on the couch. I smiled, happy to see her resting and getting much needed sleep.

“BROTHER THERE YOU ARE!”  yelled Papyrus

She glared at Papyrus for like two seconds for yelling and waking her up and laughed. Then she saw Flowey/ Asriel and me. A huge smile came on her face and she hugged me then hugged the pot that stupid flower was in, but I swear I saw the flower blush.

She started signing to me how I did and thanking me like a million times! I blushed myself the kid was too sweet for her own good. I really wanted to talk to her about the flower, but most of all the nightmares. I have to wait till it was just the two of us, I wanted answers we all did. I truly believe the kid was about to snap if she didn’t tell someone soon.

Soon everyone asked about Flowey and we made up the best lie, we could think about knowing the truth would cause more pain than good. After dinner Papyrus went to help Undyne with Alphys, Tori went to her study to read and grade homework. Asriel/Flowey was asleep in my room, still didn’t trust that damn thing near Frisk, no matter how much she said he had changed. Frisk was in her room reading or something so I thought that be the perfect time to talk to her about her nightmares. The door was closed I usually it never was closed. That was worrying.

“Frisk?” I asked

No answer was she sleeping? I opened the door a tiny bit and I saw Frisk’s back just part of it since she had her shirt up just a little bit probably checking her stomach to see if she was fat or something stupid girl stuff that I didn’t understand, but I could still see her back covered in scars. If I had a heart it would be beating outside my chest.

“Frisk!” I yelled

She jumped and pulled her shirt back down. She looked at me scared then sighed.

“Come in…” she said

I did and sat on the bed next to her.

“Frisk what happened…” I asked calmly as I could.

She took a deep breath, she leans on me. Which I didn’t mind, I liked it when we were close it made me feel like I was doing a good job keeping her safe. She sighed and started her story. I wasn’t ready for what I was about to hear.
Undertale: A New Start Chapter one Home
This takes place after the True Ending so Spoilers! I don't own Undertale Toby Fox owns the rights to his game
I just went through a what you could call a break up with friends I first want to tell you what happened. I was asked to join them on a Canoe ride and I said yes thinking that would be fun the were going to the locate farms market first then the pick me up at noon. I said cool and what not, anyway it gets to noon and they are running late they say to meet them at my friends house at 1:30 I was upset with that because they told me the be ready by then, and this isn't the first time they have been running late. Any way I get to his house right on time and they still running late I waited 10 minutes before they finally showed up. I try to act like everything is fine even though I was hurt, but try to have fun. I thought okay their here we can finally get out on the lake, but no we had to shop for food so we could have a late lunch and stuff. So well we were there I got yelled at by the girl who I thought was my friend but is actually a mean girl but anyway So finally we get ready to go and head to the place we are going to, while my ex friend were get what they need I lost track of them and sat on the side waiting to see if I or they could find me. So we finally get on the lake and I try and talk to them but they to busy to talk with me because they talking with each other so I decided to text my close friend because I had none to talk too. After a so time I started to feel over heated and sick but I didn't tell them that because I didn't want to worry them and besides it was getting late my parents were out with friends. SO I asked them to drop me at my car and they could still have their so called fun. So I texted them to see how they were doing and they ignored me for about 3 weeks and finally my EX-girlfriend calls and tears me apart saying I was being rude and I should have help more and told them I had to be home but a specific time and shit. So I'm crying on the other end and she tell me to call her back when I done being Wishy Washy her words not mine so I hang up and I'm crying my eyes out, of course I tell my mom who is a very over protective mom and she helps me write my so called friend a text and here is what I said to her and I sent to my ex  guy friend so she  can't say I said something else.

Wishy Washy?? What.... Your Loss EMILY! The audacity of you to call me RUDE! You are the very definition. Never in my Life has anyone called me Rude. I respond to people as they treat me. Look within Emily. You are the one that seems to rotate drama with friends!

And if your wondering about that She and John got into a huge fight in September calling each other names and trying to get people to turn on them I stood up for them and try to make them see peace and make up which they didn't until May. I treated them with respect and treated them how anyone should be treated but then this stupid thing happens where they hurt me! And they have the fucking audacity to treat like shit when I was there for them! Also Emily complained how I don't drive everywhere like a busy roadways or the highway, but get this she can't even fucking drive herself! and she 22  So what gives her the right to complain that I like to drive on safe roads where I know I'm safe. So that what my so great friends did to me I just want to tell you people out there that if people treat you like that they don't deserver your friendship so find people who have your back when you got  their.

I have always tried to be a good person treat others how they wanted to be treated but I always end up getting backstabbed and hurt. I know life is unfair but why do good people who try to always do what is right end up getting hurt, while the bad people get to walk on easy street? I know one day Karma will get them but sometimes it doesn't come fast enough.

So that my story I just need to get it out there so thanks for reading  Have a wonderful day and have wonder friends.


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