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I just went through a what you could call a break up with friends I first want to tell you what happened. I was asked to join them on a Canoe ride and I said yes thinking that would be fun the were going to the locate farms market first then the pick me up at noon. I said cool and what not, anyway it gets to noon and they are running late they say to meet them at my friends house at 1:30 I was upset with that because they told me the be ready by then, and this isn't the first time they have been running late. Any way I get to his house right on time and they still running late I waited 10 minutes before they finally showed up. I try to act like everything is fine even though I was hurt, but try to have fun. I thought okay their here we can finally get out on the lake, but no we had to shop for food so we could have a late lunch and stuff. So well we were there I got yelled at by the girl who I thought was my friend but is actually a mean girl but anyway So finally we get ready to go and head to the place we are going to, while my ex friend were get what they need I lost track of them and sat on the side waiting to see if I or they could find me. So we finally get on the lake and I try and talk to them but they to busy to talk with me because they talking with each other so I decided to text my close friend because I had none to talk too. After a so time I started to feel over heated and sick but I didn't tell them that because I didn't want to worry them and besides it was getting late my parents were out with friends. SO I asked them to drop me at my car and they could still have their so called fun. So I texted them to see how they were doing and they ignored me for about 3 weeks and finally my EX-girlfriend calls and tears me apart saying I was being rude and I should have help more and told them I had to be home but a specific time and shit. So I'm crying on the other end and she tell me to call her back when I done being Wishy Washy her words not mine so I hang up and I'm crying my eyes out, of course I tell my mom who is a very over protective mom and she helps me write my so called friend a text and here is what I said to her and I sent to my ex  guy friend so she  can't say I said something else.

Wishy Washy?? What.... Your Loss EMILY! The audacity of you to call me RUDE! You are the very definition. Never in my Life has anyone called me Rude. I respond to people as they treat me. Look within Emily. You are the one that seems to rotate drama with friends!

And if your wondering about that She and John got into a huge fight in September calling each other names and trying to get people to turn on them I stood up for them and try to make them see peace and make up which they didn't until May. I treated them with respect and treated them how anyone should be treated but then this stupid thing happens where they hurt me! And they have the fucking audacity to treat like shit when I was there for them! Also Emily complained how I don't drive everywhere like a busy roadways or the highway, but get this she can't even fucking drive herself! and she 22  So what gives her the right to complain that I like to drive on safe roads where I know I'm safe. So that what my so great friends did to me I just want to tell you people out there that if people treat you like that they don't deserver your friendship so find people who have your back when you got  their.

I have always tried to be a good person treat others how they wanted to be treated but I always end up getting backstabbed and hurt. I know life is unfair but why do good people who try to always do what is right end up getting hurt, while the bad people get to walk on easy street? I know one day Karma will get them but sometimes it doesn't come fast enough.

So that my story I just need to get it out there so thanks for reading  Have a wonderful day and have wonder friends.


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